About Long Beach Spay & Neuter

Operating since 1997 & formally established in 2004, LBSN is committed to reducing pet overpopulation & improving the welfare of animals in Long Beach CA.

We are still processing adoptions, but for the safety of our donors and volunteers adoption events have been cancelled. If you are interested in adopting please contact LBSN (adoptions@lbsn.org) to setup a private introduction.

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We are dedicated to reducing animal suffering due to the pet overpopulation problem. Our group of volunteers spend countless hours helping as many cats/dogs as possible. This includes rescuing, trapping, taming and of course adopting out the animals we rescue. We also support Long Beach's trap neuter release program, to break the cycle of feral cats and ensure they are vaccinated and cared for.

We are an all volunteer charity with 100% of donations going to the care and adoption of the animals. All of our animals are fostered in the loving homes of volunteers.

Hyla Marrow

Hyla Marrow

Hyla was born in 1950 and became an accomplished gymnast and dancer, leading to a long career as a stuntwoman and actress in over 80 films. She was also a successful day-trader and a passionate cat-lover who created a Trust that since her death in 2016 has benefited over 60 organizations that help homeless cats find medical care and forever homes. Long Beach Spay and Neuter is grateful to be one of those groups and thanks the Hyla Marrow Trust for its generous support of our rescue and adoption efforts.

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Please contact us directly if you would like to set up a time to visit our adoptable cats. Our adoption fee is $125 for kittens and less for adult cats. The fee includes microchipping, sterilization, vaccinations and worming.

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The volunteers at Long Beach Spay and Neuter are dedicated to the welfare of animals in our neighborhood. We strive to find loving home for pets, and provide food and shelter for feral communities in Long Beach.

If you have any questions about the services provided by LBSN please contact us.

info@lbsn.org   OR   adoptions@lbsn.org